Saturday, March 19, 2011

Inside the Birdcage Opens on Etsy!

If you haven't already checked it out, Inside the Birdcage
 opened in February on Etsy! 
It's been a very busy month getting the shop started!
 I appreciate everyone's support!
My feather earrings have been very popular, so much
in fact that I'm starting a new line of necklaces. 
My next venture might lead to hair clips, 
clip-in feather hair extensions and headbands!

Here are some photos of the latest and hottest items in the shop!

First Necklace added to the shop. More to come!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great mornings start with....

The sun shining in through the windows, a hot cup of joe aaaaannnd checking to see what's new on Urban this morning! Haha. I have to say I have an addiction.... and it is looking at Urban Outfitters EVERY day religiously! This winter when they had a $1000 shopping spree sweepstakes I entered every day for a month. Sadly I didn't win but I did get 15% off my next purchasing for not winning. So I used my two gift cards I got for Urban for Christmas and purchased a white rhino for my living room. Here's some of the things at the top of my wish list. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Never thought I would be blogging...

But here I am, sitting in my tiny little apartment, in a tiny little town, on my tiny little computer creating my very first blog post. I am addicted to browsing the internet for eclectic ideas for my apartment. 
Great Etsy photo! 

I am in love with Andy Warhol-esc pop art

This might just be the most beautiful sofa I've ever seen!

Fell in love with the large abstract artwork here!

Have to respect Hendrix

Found one of these in a local shop and fell in love! However it was $80! Yikes! This one on

Another great Pure Modern find! EcoSphere! They are completely self sustaining sphere's with algae and baby shrimp. No feeding or cleaning required and the life expectancy of the sphere is 2+ years! 
Way rad!

Pop art style fawn pillow from

I have a thing for grey chaise sectionals...

Funky little lamp. Love all the components of this one. The turquoise, damask and polished chrome are fantastic by themselves but combined is pure bliss!

I love love love LOVE picture murals! I also love the navy lacquered wall finish! Classy!

Normally I am not a fan of pink but I dig a small spark of hot pink in a room! This little fawn is adorable!  

This is an awesome message combined with some awesome photoshop magic!

Sweet little piece for any hippy. 

I am a big fan of art that contains inspirational words

Artwork containing animals is another one of my favorites. My apartment has a growing eclectic array of animal photos, paintings and figurines. 

This artist has some fantastic mostly nature themed watercolors on etsy!

This artist is genius! I love how all of her work is based around a fairly central theme but her technique seems different in each one! That takes a lot of talent! I have a lot of respect for her work!

Another amazing inspirational print! One of my favorites!

Again love this Etsy artist! I've been big into feathers lately!

These two prints are way rad, inspirational and funny! The first reads "jogging partners" in the box and the second "one can never have too many friends." These are printed on vintage book pages. 
Super neat!

..... ok so maybe I'm a bigger fan of pink than I thought. 

When I was getting ready to pull together the picture mural in my apartment I did a lot of research to get more ideas. I really like the american flag print in this one!

.... black, white and pink accents... gotta love it....

Gorgeous kitchen!!! Very clean and classy!

Super rad sofa and throw pillows! Especially love the "PILL-O" pillow! haha sweet!